Pixel perfection.

Eksdyne makes beautiful apps and the technologies that power them.

iOS + Android

Eksdyne helps you design, build, and ship razor-sharp iOS and Android apps that connect with your users every day, wherever they are.


macOS remains the gold standard for both pros and casual users seeking the ultimate desktop experience.

Apple TV

Apps are the future of television, and the new Apple TV provides an innovative new playground for gaming, entertainment, and dashboards.


Powerful, performant backend services to drive your apps.

IoT Hardware Design

Take your platform to the next level with custom products that integrate seamlessly with your software.

Rackspace Cloud Control

Project Spotlight

Launched in 2013, Rackspace Cloud Control for iOS was designed to help users and businesses create, monitor and manage virtual infrastructure in the Cloud. After two major releases with crippling instability, Rackspace approached us to fix the problem.

Eksdyne redesigned and rebuilt the app from the ground up over the course of two months. By slimming the code by two-thirds we stamped out major crashes entirely, increased downloads by 56 percent, and boosted install retention by 158 percent.

Today, the app is a beautiful, sturdy expression of Rackspace's fanatical customer experience. Soon, the app will enable users to create servers on the go, create and reply to support tickets, and mix and match public, private, and dedicated infrastructure to create the optimal environment for their business.

You're in good company.

Since 2009, Eksdyne Research has helped create apps for some of the world's best brands.


Product Spotlight

The Eksdyne offices have been known to spend too much time on Steam, finding a LAN-enabled game for everyone to play. We're gamers, and we're not afraid to admit it.

But we don't just love games for recreation. Gaming and graphics technology is unique among the different kinds of projects we do because it combines a with a diverse lineup of low-level technologies with beautiful modeling and illustration.

Arcadia features rich 3D graphics, vibrant colors and simple strategy gameplay based on a procedural generation engine.

You’ll have to train a group of Arcadians to accomplish increasingly difficult and complex tasks. From building and starting a fire for survivial, to defeating fantastical enemies, each level offers a challenge and an enormous amount of fun. If you love strategy and gaming on your iPhone or iPad, this is one you shouldn’t miss.

Perfection starts with a fundamentally different way of thinking about how technology is built, and a belief that the results of our engineering should be accessible and personal. Every project we touch is prototyped, debated, and refined as a completely singular product, from conception to release. Here's what we're best at.

Games and Graphics

There's never been a better time to create a game. Eksdyne uses our intimate knowledge of 3D and 2D graphics and media technologies to push hardware to places it's never been.

Data Visualization

Our love for graphic and motion design manifests as effectively communicating the right amounts of information at the right time, in a beautiful, user-focused way.


Your app is your brand. While other firms may treat crashes as to-do items, we regard them as red alerts, no matter how infrequent.

Enterprise Tools

Apps aren't just for App Stores any more. Let Eksdyne transform your internal workflows into a dynamic suite of apps for your employees and partners.